Student Info

All LVGW Tutoring Services are Confidential and Free.  We can help with:

English as a Second Language (ESL):
    Adults learn to read, write, speak, and understand English.

Basic Literacy (BL):
    Adults who speak and understand English learn to read and write.

Additional Programs:

– Workforce Readiness & Job Search Classes

– Rosetta Stone

– Newspaper Club

– Reading Club

– U.S. Citizenship Preparation Classes

– Family Literacy Program


Anyone who qualifies and needs help may receive free tutoring from a trained volunteer, depending on tutor availability. To be eligible for participation in LVGW literacy programs, student candidates must:

1. Be at least 17 years of age and not attending high school.
2. Be able to contact the LVGW staff directly (or with the assistance of a translator) to schedule appointments and to communicate their reasons for enrollment.
3. Take an assessment test and score within the literacy levels for the services that LVGW provides.
4. Agree to meet at an approved tutoring site in a public location and arrange for their own transportation.
5. Show appropriate behavior while working with the tutor. Sometimes a person may need more help than we can give and we will refer that person to another program if possible.

Responsibilities of a LVGW Student

 Students must:

– Take at least two assessment tests at the LVGW office each year.

– Be willing to commit to at least 1½ hours of instructional time per week for one year.

– Agree to meet their tutors in public places and be on time for the sessions.

– Contact their tutors prior to a tutoring session if they are not able to attend.

– Complete all assignments requested by their tutor.

– Practice outside of class a minimum of 30 minutes a day.


Please Note:
    There may be a waiting period to be placed with a tutor.

How to Register:
    Call the LVGW Office at 203-754-1164 to learn of the next Registration dates. 
The LVGW Office is located in the lower level of the Silas Bronson Library, 
267 Grand Street, Waterbury.